If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. Change is good, sometimes it’s stressful but it always seems to bring growth. The Soap Lady has had a year of change and it’s all exciting and good. It’s appropriate that as we celebrate our year anniversary at our new Soap Factory, that we launch our new website.

Seeing our Soap Lady sign being installed on the front of our manufacturing and retail site was a dream come true. I remember seeing the truck raising that sign and realized that setting goals makes change happen!

We now have space to manufacture, experiment with new products and provide our amazing products to our customers all year round!

When I talk about change, most of that change is because I’m surrounded with amazing, creative partners, I call them Bubbles. It’s fun to come to work with creativity everywhere…and lots of laughs, hugs and COLOR!

You can’t create without people that make you happy and inspire you. A day at the Soap factory might start with everyone telling me they have exciting news. We huddle, usually in the bath bomb room, and they tell me how they want to create a new exciting product. For example, our new Galaxy bath bomb was the brain child of Danae and of course space was her inspiration. She combined colors that could help you dream of floating in space and a combination of Coconut and Spearmint that will make your senses relax and center.

We’ll be introducing new products, changes and new locations in this blog! Stay connected with us, we promise new and exciting changes this coming year!